Tax-Exempt Leasing

The goal of the Equipment Lease Program is to provide the lowest cost alternative to financing equipment needs and associated renovation projects for RIHEBC’s constituent institutions. The Program is designed to be an alternative to single source vendor financing and taxable commercial financing that may be directly available to the institutions. The institution receives the lowest tax-exempt rate possible for its financing.

Tax-Exempt Leasing Projects

06/14/13 $50,000,000 Lifespan Purchase of an information technology system
07/01/07 $1,500,000 Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island Purchase of various equipment
08/30/06 $3,520,000 Kent County Memorial Hospital The purchase of various diagnostic and other technology equipment.
12/08/05 $4,500,000 Roger Williams University Equipment for Dining Commons and Bookstore.
10/20/05 $9,420,000 St. Joseph Health Center Purchase of information system and software.
12/29/04 $6,800,000 Kent County/Butler Hospital Acquisition of information technology equipment & other capital equipment.
11/17/04 $4,745,000 Landmark Medical Center Purchase diagnostic & other equipment for the Comprehensive Cardiac Program.
12/17/01 $4,750,000 Roger Williams General Hospital Purchase of medical equipment & information system
12/14/01 $2,500,000 South County Hospital Purchase of information system and software.
11/21/01 $7,010,000 Care New England Purchase of diagnostic equipment & systems & management information system.
06/29/01 $4,080,000 Providence College Technology equipment, licensed software, user licenses.
10/13/00 $2,500,000 Roger Williams General Hospital Purchase of Macroni Medical Systems, CT Scanner,
Polaris MRI System & Modular building/construction
06/29/00 $3,320,000 Kent County Memorial Hospital Upgrades to the Fusion Imaging system, information technology upgrades.