Job Descriptions

Executive Director
Responsible for the achievement of the Corporation’s mission and objectives as determined by the Board of Directors. Serve as the Corporation’s representative with the public, state and federal governmental agencies, nonprofit institutions and the State’s legislature. Directs the daily operations of the Corporation and the staff in order to ensure that the administration of the Corporation, its financial programs and operations are consistent with the Corporation’s mission, and enabling legislation. Oversee the application, approval and financing process for all transactions that come through the Corporation. The Executive Director will implement or oversee compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Ensure the Board receives all information necessary to function properly and make informed decisions on policies and programs currently and into the future.

Chief Financial Officer/ Human Resource Director
Primary responsibility for the financial matters of the Corporation including cash management, payrolls, investments, independent audit requirements and compliance with all state and federal regulations. Ensure the proper preparation and maintenance of all records, reports and accounting system for the Corporation. Oversee the Corporation’s relationship with outside vendors related to banking, investments and other financial services and their performance. Maintain all information regarding employees related to their employment, salaries and benefits. Assist the Executive Director and Board of Directors regarding the financial aspects of the Corporation such as budgets and forecasts.

School Housing Aid/ Funds Manager
Coordinate the School Housing Aid Program and the SBA Capital Fund and Pay-Go Programs, overseeing related activities among the Corporation, RI Department of Education, communities and other parties. Assist the Executive Director in processing public school bond applications, including preparation for approvals at board meetings, communications with financial advisors and counsel, and participation in related calls and meetings. Coordinate funding activities of state aid programs, including the transfer of funds from the State to communities. Compile data and maintain computer database regarding bond issues, project approval and allocation of aid. Prepare necessary reports of program's operations to evolving program needs and developments. Coordinate with the Executive Assistant the preparation, creation and dissemination of board packages.

New England Institute of Technology's Student Center which includes classrooms, a bookstore, and learning resource center which was built with the assistance of a RIHEBC bond issue in 2008.

Executive Assistant 
Provide administrative support to the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. Manage communication and serve as the initial contact for the Board and Corporation with the public, institutions and other governmental agencies on matters related to Board meetings and Corporation activities. Assist the Executive Director in processing program applications, including preparation for approvals at board meetings, communications with financial advisors and counsel, and participation in related conference calls and meetings. Assist the Executive Director with the compilation and organization of information needed for board meeting and other projects and reports. Manage the day to day operations of the office subject to oversight of the Executive Director. Oversee and manage the Corporation’s website and social media and assist the Executive Director with creation and dissemination of the quarterly newsletter.  Ensure the Corporation’s computer system and other technology are current and functioning properly. Provide support and assistance to the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officers related to financing, accounts payable and receivable and documentation.